In widens day morning 24/4/2019 Tahya Misr 2 tug boat departed from our company heading to port-Tawfiq in sues after its finalized.
The delivered tug boat with a bollard pull of 70 tones, 35.25m length, 13m width, 6.5m draft and speed of 12 knots.
It came after both sea trials and berth trials successfully achieved, and all related certificates from LR classification society has peen issued in addition to the navigation license.
The Egyptian minister of transportation will rise Egyptian flag on both tug boats Tahya Misr 2, Tahya Misr2 in order to starting work with the other marine units in red sea ports as a remarkable support and increasing the capabilities of such units which used in towing pushing help in maneuvering of incoming and departed vessels.
Both tugboat considered of the best tractors which can be built at any other ship yard across the world due to their ability of maneuvering, bollard pull, speed, and good performance which is Egyptian ship repair & building company known for.
Egyptian ship repair & building company provide the tugboat crew with the best training and suitable equipment and tools that match the latest technology and future generation of vessels in the marine field.
Tractor tugboat is considered one of the most advanced tupe can be built in the international ship yards.
Egyptian ship repair & building company has delivered three tugboats during the last three months to Egyptian port authorities, for example, Tahya Misr (1) and Tahya Misr (2) with 70 tons bollard pull to the red sea port authority and Alexandria 8 with 50 tons bollard pull to Alexandria port authority, on other hand, Egyptian ship repair & building company in currently building tow tug boats with 55 ton bollard pull (Tahya Misr3) and Tahya Misr 4 and will be delivered during 18 months.
Egyptian ship repair & building company is currently contracting for building number of tugboats for local and international markets.
In addition to, development and partnership with international companies in this field to reach the highest quality and to be able to compete in the local and global markets in the ship building and repair field