ESRBC is registered and government licensed with authority to conduct all kinds of Inspection & Quality services within Egypt. 
We offer and carry out highly professional surveys and inspection services to different worldwide clients through its network partners around the world. 
ESRBC Provides its clients with inspectors and expeditors highly qualified, certified and trained to do the service and also supplying its clients with the right candidates who are qualified, available and fitted their  clients budget. 
We are committed to provide the best services for clients, reporting in time, keeping our clients updated regarding processes of the services. 
ESRBC Has extensive experience at all levels of inspection for the petrochemical, Mining Industries and oil& Gas. We can provide experienced and highly qualified technical personnel from an extensive pool of personnel available around the world. 

Our Vision 
Is to be recognized throughout the industry as the premier inspection solutions provider offering a wide range of services such as NDT inspection, welding services, marine services, boiler and PV inspections.  &technical training to meet our clients need. 

Our Mission 
is to provide highest caliber inspection services in accordance with international standards and norms. Though activity stated with inspection of petroleum and related products, ESRBC: was diversifying into providing inspection services for our clients globally in other fields such as :Inspection and Expeditor services.

  • Inspection on behalf and for regional and international inspection companies.
  • Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection Services.
  • Inspection of machinery, Equipment’s& production lines (QC,QA)


We are providing non – destructive tests for Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power,         Construction,   Marine and General Engineering industries. serving to clients at various stages such as construction, on-stream inspection and shut-down inspection of various Industries such as:

  • Pressure vessel, storage tank manufacturers and erectors.
  • Pipeline laying companies onshore and offshore.
  • Petroleum Refineries and Petrochemical Industries.
  • Steel Structural and ship yards etc.

   List of activities 
phased array sonatest prisma scan ultrasonic testing.

  • magnetic particle inspection testing.
  • liquid penetrant inspection testing.
  • visual inspection testing for weld.
  • ultrasonic inspection testing.
  • ultrasonic thickness gauging.
  • hardness test :
    • Leeb hardness value
    • Brinell hardness value
    • Rockwell hardness value
    • Vickers hardness value
  • paint thickness measurments.