Floating Dock  (30 June):

  • Lifting Capacity : 9000 ton.
  • Length (Overall) : 167 m
  • Inner Width : 26.8 m.
  • Equipped with 2 winches / 10 ton per winch.

Marina Boat Lift :

Specifications of lifted vessels (maximum characteristics) 

  • Displacement : 800 ton.
  • Length of vessel : 70m
  • Breadth : 12m               
  • Depth to main deck : 6m

Mechanical Slipway :

  • Lifting capacity : 600 tons.
  • Slipway docking area able to accommodates up to (8) units for repair and building purposes.
  • Easy moving cradles under vessels.
  • Slipway docking area is equipped with a tower crane with lifting capacity
    (30) tons.
  • Services such as (fresh water – fire pumps – fire hoses – electrical power)
    are available.

Ship Repair Quay :

  • Ship berthing alongside repair quay from both sides with max length
    (130 – 140m).
  • Two ships can berth in parallel alongside repair quay on each side (4 ships in total).
  • The quay is equipped with a tower crane with lifting capacity (10) tons.
  • Ship services (fresh water – fire pumps – fire hoses – electrical power)
    are available.

Speed Boats Workshop :

  • In 2011 the workshop has been established in cooperation with American Shipyard “Swiftships” as a developed workshop for building high speed boats such as (Patrol , Pilot and Special purposes boats).
  • The area of workshop is about 2400 m/2.
  • The workshop is equipped with necessary machines, equipments and tools for construction of high speed boats (Steel – Aluminum) 
  • 4 overhead cranes , capacity of each (10) tons.
  • 2 Man Lift.
  • Multi-purpose store areas.
  • Lighting system to facilitate the work during night time (i.e. the construction of boats can be 24 hrs/day).

Aluminum Boats Building Workshop :

Manufacturing different types of aluminum vessels 

  • Pilot boats.
  • Antipollution boats.
  • Fast patrol boats.
  • Mooring small boats.

Manufacturing some accessories / materials of vessels :

    • Foundations of navigation lights.
    • Fresh water tanks.
    • Fuel tanks.
    • Oil tanks.

Mechanical Workshops:

Turning Workshop

  • Manufacturing all types of valves up to 2.5m diameter.
  • Manufacturing propellers up to 300kg.
  • Manufacturing couplings.
  • Processing of (dismantle – maintenance – manufacturing) and refitting all different types of pipes on ships.
  • Painting and casting propellers sleeves.
  • Plumping works (sewage system).

Piping Workshop 

  • Processing of (dismantle – maintenance – manufacturing) and refitting all different types of pipes on ships.
  • Painting and casting propellers sleeves.
  • Plumping works (sewage system).

Foundry Workshop 

  • Casting different types of materials such as (Zinc – Copper – White metal – casting materials and cast iron works).
  • Casting different types of copper sleeves and bushes.
  • Casting alloyed sleeves.
  • Casting pumps – pump impellers.
  • Casting fans.
  • Casting propellers.
  • Casting Zinc templates.

Industrial Workshop :

  • Manufacture & construction of conveyor belts.
  • Construction of sugar factories.
  • Manufacture of the heavenly top.
  • Manufacture & construction of desalination plants.
  • Manufacture of grains store houses.

Carpentry Workshop :

  •  Interior carpentry work for ships from cladding and furnishings (offices of all kinds …).
  •  Forming the deck of the ship to fit the curves of the bottom of the hull of the ponds on floating ponds and troughs.

Diesel Workshop :

Implementing overhauls to all types of diesel engines and compressors.

Electrical workshop is divided into four main sections :

Motors & generators repair and maintenance section :

  • Do all necessary maintenance for Motors and Generators up to 1000 K.W.
  • Clean motor and generator winding from carbons by using suitable chemicals.
  • Change all kinds of ball bearings.
  • Raise insulation inside Electrical Oven.
  • Painting using insulating varnish.
  • Extract faulty winding coils, from motors and generators and rewinding them by using suitable copper wire.
  • Reinstall new winding coils.
  • Repair soldering machines.
  • Maintenance & repair Electrical equipment of production workshop.
  • Manufacturing commentators of DC motors.

Electrical construction section 

  • Do all electrical construction works for current building ships, which contains 
  • Construct and weld cable trays.
  • Extend all kinds of cables (control , power , data).
  • Install electrical panels, and do all necessary electrical connections.
  • Install and connect all Navigation equipments.
  • Install and connect electrical panels of pumps and main electrical ventilation
    inside ships.
  • Repair all kinds of electrical equipment inside ships.
  • Do electrical construction inside building s and all lighting works,
  • Repairer control of winches up to 30 ton.
  • Fabricate sub electrical panels.
  • Repair general alarm system inside ships.
  • Do all insulation tests for electrical equipments inside ships and issue certificates of readings.

Air conditioning & fridge section :

  • Do all necessary maintenance for central air conditioner.
  • Do all necessary maintenance and repair for split air conditioner.
  • Fridge :
  • Do all necessary maintenance and repair for frosting and refrigeration units.

Electronic section :

  • Do necessary repair inside electronic devices and replace faulty pieces.
  • Inspect electronic cards and repair one layer type.
  • Maintain and repair fire alarms system inside ships and buildings.
  • Repair magnetic drilling machines and plasma cutting machines.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine:

The company has 2 Plasma Cutting 

The machine model Omimat lk:

  • Cutting metal steel plates (ferrous – aluminum) highly


  • Dimensions : dual drives 
  • Dimensions : dual drives 
  • with length of 12m x 2m width.
  • Cutting thickness : 40mm.

The machine model  Aks cutting sys hpr :

  • Cutting metal steel plates (ferrous – aluminum – stainless steel)
    highly accurately.
  • Dimensions : single drive with length of 7.8m x 2m width.
  • Cutting thickness : 1-50mm.

Floating Crane :-

  • Lifting Capacity : 100 tons.
  • Used for lifting vessels and different types of heavy loads up to 100 tons.

Welding School :

The welding school is equipped with the necessary equipments and tools for implementing different types of welding under supervision of welding engineer.

The school performs welding 

training courses for qualifying welders to implement different type and methods of welding to be tested and certified by one of the classes such as (Lloyd’s Register – American Bureau Of Shipping (ABS) – DNV GL).